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Mid-Season Report – Part 2


As a native Washingtonian and ‘cross racer, it is hard to put into words how important DCCX is to me. I used to live half a block from the course; year around, I could see the course on my way to work, reminding me daily of that one day a year that I got to be on the other side of the fence. Even before Crosshairs Cycling became a co-sponsor/organizing club with DCMTB, it was the one race on the Mid-Atlantic ‘cross calendar that meant more. Much more. And in 2015, it’s a 2-day UCI C2 race? With a flyover? Are you kidding me?

Crosshairs Cycling poured ourselves into DCCX this year, from setting up the flyover and course to running the race and tearing it down. Our partners, DCMTB, were amazing as usual. It really was the best two days of DCCX ever.

Results? Right, right. I’ve got results. Day 1, October 24. Beautiful day for cyclocross in the nation’s capital. Cam Gorman got the party started with a top 50 finish in the Mens U15 race. Mike Zoeller continued the good results with 8th in the Mens 55+. Two top tens in the Mens 45, with Matt Parse 6th and Mike Vanderbilt 9th. Kimani Neilsen lead the way in a deep Mens 35+ 1/2/3 field, finishing 17th. Two top tens in the Mens 35+ 3/4, Josh Gorman (6th) and Mark Cavey (10th) with strong results. Kevin Hays got 9th in the Mens 3/4, working towards his Cat 2 upgrade. Bentley Brooks had a strong race in the Singlespeed category, finishing 5th; Jon Carney was in the top 10 of the SS, finishing 9th. Libbey Sheldon lead the line in the Elite races, with an 18th place finish in the Womens race.

cam dccxjosh dccxadam dccxDay 2, October 25. A bit of rain to start off the day, but dry by the afternoon. Again, great mid-Atlantic cross weather. Another top ten for Mike Zoeller in the Mens 55+, finishing 9th; respect to Mike Wynnyk for racing hard both days, finishing 12th on Day 2. Ryan Newill got the first podium of the day with a 4th place in the Mens 35+ 3/4 race. Bentley Brooks was top ten in the Singlespeed race, continuing his impressive debut season in the mid-Atlantic. Special recognition goes out to Taylor Jones, Crosshairs Cycling’s DCCX volunteer and flyover guru for all his hard work and racing both days in the UCI Elite Mens field; chapeau, Taylor!

Overall, an amazing weekend. We were all spent by about 11AM on Day 2, but folks pushed on and raced and volunteered and cleaned up with expected but still impressive Crosshairs energy and dedication.

taylor dccxsol kep dccx


The weekend after DCCX, Halloween weekend, saw the return of a new race from 2014 on Saturday and a DC-area standard on Sunday.

Howard County Biketoberfest Cross took place on October 31st in West Friendship, MD, Race #4 of the Sportif Cup Series. This race is getting a reputation as one of the more challenging courses in MABRA-land and here’s hoping that it returns to the calendar next year, perhaps on a Sunday.

Kevin Hays, racing his first elite Mens race, ended up on the podium in 4th place. Matt Parse was also on the podium, finishing 2nd in the Mens 45+. And Mike Zoeller finished on the podium as well, 5th in Mens 55+.

sol edsander

Race #4 of the MABRA Super8 Series, Ed Sander Memorial CX, took place on November 1st in picturesque Adamstown, MD. Always one of my favorite races of the year, NCVC did a great job this year with the course and overall race.

Starting off the day strong, Joe Petty almost cracked the top 20 in the Mens 4/5, finishing 21st; week by week his results have improved and I’m betting in a podium finish at the Cap Cross Classic in Reston for this Virginian. Cam Gorman improved in his day 1 DCCX result with a 32nd at Ed Sander in the Mens U15 race. Ryan Newill was top 20 in the Mens 35+ 3/4, and it was the Crosshairs Mike show in the Mens 55+, with Zoeller (8th) and Wynnyk (10th) in the top 10.

A great day out at the Lilypons Water Gardens and a great way to end October and start November. The second half of the season is about to start – there is no turning back now.

Onward to Tacchino!

me ed sander

bill bruce

Thanks as always to Chris from Cycleboredom for the photos.

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