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Well, the cyclocross season has officially started both locally and globally. The Crosshairs Cycling team has been ripping it up all across the east coast and Bill Schieken from In the Crosshairs (, our team’s title sponsor, has been on the road with the ITCH Tour covering World Cup racing in the US. More on the tour shortly

Days before most people were racing on cyclocross courses, a large group of riders headed out to Haymarket, VA for the first Dirty BikenetiCrit to test out there CX rigs and their gravel crit skills. It ended up being one of those typical hot Virginia Summer days, but hundreds of riders and spectators showed up to make it a fun event. There were four members of the Crosshairs team out mixing it up on the course:            Jay Dove ( and Kimani Nielson ( finished 6th and 7th in the 35+ category, and Jonathan Carney ( had a great finish in the Single Speed group with a 5th place spot. Sol Schott finished 20th in the 45+ field, and I can guarantee sold some Acme Pies. (

A couple of the boys traveled up to Delaware for Granogue Cross, which is one of the first big races on the calendar and a certified Mid-Atlantic classic. New teammate Dave Guerra ( raced hard to take home the 4th spot in the 35+ 1/2/3/4 race. Crosshairs riders Michael Berry ( and Jay Dove finished 14th and 15th in the same category. Taylor Jones ( started off his 2016 season strong with a 7th place result in the Single Speed race. All the guys racing at Granogue were showing some great form, and we should expect to see them in the front most of the season.

The following weekend saw a large contingent of Crosshairs Cycling riders at the Hub Labels Cyclocross Challenge. Repeating their consistently strong results Guerra took 1st in the 35+ 1/2/3 race, with Dove and Berry finishing 2nd and 7th. Josh Gorman ( started his season in Hagerstown, MD by taking the 5th spot in the 35+ 3/4/5 field, and the younger Gorman, Cam, finished 13th in the Junior Boys 11-12. Both of the Crosshairs riders in the Junior U19 15-18 race had great results with Sam Kristy ( finishing 5th, and Alex Alfano ( grabbing the 7th place spot.

Over the weekend of September 24-25, the 35+ 1/2/3 races were once again dominated by Crosshairs Cycling, which earned multiple podium positions. On Saturday at the Out of Bounds CX Race, Guerra grabbed another top spot, with Dove taking 2nd. The boys backed it up on Sunday at Sykelocross with Guerra and Dove repeating the same results, and Berry getting the 4th spot. These three guys are on a mission this year. This race also saw the start of Libbey Sheldon’s ( CX season resulting in a 6th place finish in the Women’s Elite 1/2/3.

The cyclocross season is just getting started, and the MABRA Super8CX Series ( kickeed off October 2nd in Hyattsville, MD. If the weather predictions are correct, racers can look forward to possible muddy conditions like 2015, or just more bees in the woods. There will certainly be more Crosshairs riders filling the fields in the upcoming races, so be sure to cheer them on.

Even though the local highlights are fun, the real excitement was taking place in other parts of the US. Elite racers from the US and Europe made their way to Waterloo, Las Vegas, and Iowa City for what would become a great week of CX racing. Bill Schieken went on the road to follow them along the way, and the ITCH Tour kept all of us informed like we were there with him. What became the week of Wout, still got everyone happy that cross is here. Find out more about In the Crosshairs, the ITCH Tour, and everything cyclocross at The ITCH Tour was sponsored by these great companies; check them out or give them a follow to learn more about their products and support of cyclocross:

Orange Seal Cycling –

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Crosshairs Cycling’s season could not be possible without the following sponsors. Please support them since they support us!

In the Crosshairs –

Acme Pie –

Atlas Vet –

Fulcrum Coaching –

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Racer Profiles

Alex Alfano (

Carlo Alfano (

Jonathan Carney (

Jay Dove (

Josh Gorman (

Dave Guerra (

Taylor Jones (

Sam Kristy (

Kimani Nielson (

Matt Parse (

Bill Schieken (

Sol Schott (

Libbey Sheldon (

Steve Spencer (

Mike Wynnyk (



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